Associational Missions Week of Prayer

MAY 21-28

Suggested Prayer Calendar

Day One:  Sunday, May 21
The Act of
Worship-  Pray today that your church and the churches of your association will worship God in Spirit and in truth, yielded to Him as you gather together, united in praise.  Pray this not only for your association, but for associations across America this Sunday. (Acts 2:1,43)

Day Two:  Monday, May 22
The Act of Fellowship-  Pray today that God will prompt His people in the churches of your association to connect with one another in meaningful spiritual relationships, encouraging one another to live and serve in Jesus' name, accountable to one another in prayer. (Acts 2:42,46)

Day Three: Tuesday, May 23
The Act of Evangelism-  Ask God today to open the eyes of every Christian in your church and association to see the harvest field around them, and also ask that He will place at least one person in the life of each Christian so that this day the story of Jesus mignt be shared with those who need Him. (Acts 2:37-38)

Day Four:  Wednesday, May 24
The Act of Discipleship-  Pray today that Christians will realize the importance of helping one another grow in their relationships with the Lord, becoming the disciples of Jesus He has called us to be.  Evangelism and discipleship go together, so pray that those who are led to the Lord will have a person or group they can connect with and learn from as a new follower of Jesus. (Acts 2:46-47)

Day Five:  Thursday, May 25
The Act of Ministry- We talk about Christians being the hands and feet of Jesus...pray today that Christians in your association will discover anew the importance of being Jesus to those around them by caring for others in His name, meeting needs, making a difference for God's glory. (Acts 2:44-45)

Day Six:  Friday, May 26
The Act of Missions- So many people across the street and around the world need to know Christ...pray today that your church and association will take the Great Commission of Jesus more seriously than ever before, going and making disciples everywhere He sends us. (Acts 2:7-21)

Day Seven:  Saturday, May 27
The Act of Prayer- We talk about prayer, but how much do we practice it?  Ask the Lord to prompt His people, including you, to pray with a new fervency.  As you look toward tomorrow, another Sunday, ask God to move in a dramatic way in your church and association to mobilize His people to be the healthy, outreaching followers of Jesus we must be for such a time as this. (Acts 2:42-43)

Day Eight: Sunday, May 28
What might God do?  What could happen in your community and across our nation if churches became healthy, if churches focused on trusting and obeying God like never before?  Ask the Lord to move among His people in your church and association today so that our nation might know the Way, the Truth, and the Life:  Jesus.

-Written by Dr. Bob Lowman, Metrolina Baptist Association, Charlotte NC