Bivocational Ministers are often expected to work 40 hours a week, spend at least 20 hours a week in doing “church work”, preach like Billy Graham on Sunday, and be available 24 hours a day for anyone who needs his attention.  These servants of God often feel left out and unappreciated—and sometimes feel unqualified—because they are called “part-time” so many times.


Here are a few things that I believe we are to consider when it comes to Bivocational Ministry.

The Bivocational Minister:

  1. Is just as called of God to ministry as are those who serve full-time.
  2. Should understand that he is a “pastor”, not simply a caretaker.
  3. Often needs his church’s understanding about managing time due to scheduling demands outside his church.
  4. Should understand that he has enough influence to change the world for God.
  5. Should be encouraged to share ministry responsibilities with other leaders in the church.
  6. Should understand the importance of visitation (hospital, nursing home, shut-in, etc.)
  7. Should understand that “mega church” is not in the Bible. God knows where he is and cares about him regardless of the size of his congregation.
  8. Should encourage his church to do missions—especially locally—and to support mission efforts around the world.

Please pray often for those in Bivocational ministry.  Be sure to support your pastor if he is working another job outside the church and be an encouragment to him as he seeks to serve the Lord in your midst.